Quinoa Therapy

Use things you do that you are not sensitive about to gain insight about things you are more sensitive about.

Everything you do is a reflection of who you are. I realized today that my music is just like the breakfast I made. It was casual, messy, from what I had around the house and was so warming!

It was some piping hot quinoa over a bed of organic arugula, some browned garlic and shallots, chopped breakfast radishes and two viscous eggs on top.

It’s not restaurant ready presentation-wise, but that’s ok; that was not my intention, I just needed to feed myself. Often I can beat myself up for not being a better musician but today I saw something else because I wasn’t looking at something I am so invested in.

Next time you feel like something isn’t good enough In your life, just look at something in your life you that does give you pleasure. The thing that gives you pleasure has the same qualities as the thing are frustrating you. You just aren’t seeing the good and focusing on the bad.

It’s also easier to get feedback or and be discerning about how you do things you are not sensitive to. Apply those lessons lovingly to areas of your work you are sensitive about.

Consciousness is a lifelong goal of mine and I am a lot less sensitive at looking at what I cook than looking my music.